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Priya and Zoo
Prashi Gehlot
6 Years at the zoo

My favorite Zoo memories come from seeing the joy and education my daughter, Priya Gehlot, experiences while at the Zoo. Priya and I go to the Houston Zoo every week where Priya learns about African, Asian and North American wildlife. She loves learning about the bugs and amphibians. During our visits I get to see Priya’s awakening and attitude formation towards animals. She loves her pet dog, Caruso, and is becoming more involved and interested in the games available at Houston Zoo. She loves to protect and serve animals and aims to be an animal doctor. Priya has started using non-plastic bags just to help protect mother earth including the ocean world. We proudly believe that everyone has to be a “Planet Savior.” I see spot learning at the Zoo helping build a strong base for younger children. Animal’s usefulness and uniqueness is an interesting part of our life. Our regular zoo visits are a source of this parent’s happiness and a great mental-growth platform for Priya.

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