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Houston Zoo started my Passion for Animals
Danielle Fisk
40 Years at the zoo

Of course, my favorite part of the Houston Zoo is our conservation programs and that I get to be apart of this amazing organization by working at the zoo! I am an Overnight and Camp Guide in Conservation Education, I have worked at the zoo for almost 3 years now:) But, this zoo is one of the reasons I chose to be apart of this amazing career. My passion for animals started at a very young age and part of that is coming to the Houston Zoo. I remember coming to the zoo on field trips starting in kindergarten. One of my favorite exhibits was the gorilla house when I was a kid. I also loved the alligator exhibit walkway. I remember thinking how amazing it would be to be able to work with animals at a zoo and I never imagined my dream would come true! I have worked at two other AZA facilities and a wildlife park for almost 20 years. And, now I work at the zoo that started my passion so many years ago! I am excited for the 100th celebration and am looking forward to many more years working at this awesome organization that is truly a leader in conservation:)

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